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[Currently being revamped so applications are closed for now!]

We are an RP group based on Pokemon personifications that interact in the Steampunk era, to be more precise, during the late 19th century.
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Art Creation

17 Members
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[Let me begin by apologizing for how terribly long this has taken but this has been a rather afuly busy year for me with going to college and all the work I had in 1st year, but I'm finnaly glad to be able to submit this. I have to thank :iconaquaria-moon: for litteraly doing 99% of this organized text, and also for the patience she had in RP-ing this even though it made us cry so much. With this the event is over and a new era begins for PR c:. Enjoy reading.]


The disturbance of the peace grew and gained strength, showing as criminality rates rose almost overnight in the northern city of Ruby Valley. Feeding on the growing fright of the population the sparks of unrest grew into the name it made for itself. The Revolution of the Shadows sent it's dark cloud of fear across the country.
Saphirse falls first. The city is oddly untouched by the dark stirring in the north, yet it's legendaries seem reckless and eager to protect those outside of it. In result the Kyogre, lady Kyvinne Lancaster, takes the precautionary action of imprisoning the three legendaries that had not gone missing yet. After disappearence of sea pirate captain Zephyr the Lugia his crew had already taken the anarchic road into chaos, troubling the city's harbours and leading Kyvinne to keep the other legendaries put. To keep the peace and protect the innocent workers under her watch. Tensions rise, and upon the escape and flight of her remaining co-leaders...Kyvinne is left to face the wrath of pirates and criminals alike. Little provoking is needed for them to bring her to her knees and rob her of her life.

From a distance one can already see the dark plumes of smoke drifting over the sea from the beautiful city of Saphirse. The fires have died down by now, but the ruins can only call upon visions of vicious war and death. The people still able to stay indoors do not plan on going out. The streets where initially the hard working population of Saphirse and the agitated pirates of sea and sky met in a violent clash of weapons and values, are empty now. Buildings have been smashed to pieces or burned down in the violence. Abandoned weapons or bodies can be found all over the place. The air is heavy with sorrow, hatred and death.
Central Saphirse is an abandoned battlefield. Both the trust of it's inhabitants and it's buildings will need a steady, firm hand rebuilding.

Yet it is left without a main legendary.… :bulletblack::bulletblack:

During the aftermath of the civil battles at the city of the seas, Perlaccia is heavily targeted. In response to the murderer running free and the threats made to the crown, queen Beatrice has decided to speak to her subjects. With Diamondos remaining at peace under the calm hand of Prince Occasian, the queen's brother decides to travel forPerlaccia and stand by her side, show the world and the people that the royal twins are still strong-together.
The issues are serious though, with the threats growing more violent artists and other residents have begun to flee for Emerstadt. Fear is taking hold in the capital as well. During the queen's speech the explosions cause a panic. Shots fired at prince and queen are stopped by one of the escaped legendaries from Saphirs: Ho-Oh Mordecai gives his life to save the royals.
Heartbroken with the loss of one he held closer to his ehart than he should, prince Occasian attempts to take fate into his own hands, weilding his power to turn back time and try to prevent it all from happening. His strength turned weakness by the Revolution's right hand the prince is the third legendary to lose his life, killed before the eyes of his people, sister, and the arriving Eon siblings.

Fear and terror spread across the crowd as the people witness it all. See the pirate captain take down the murderer while their usually so calm and serene queen breaks down alongside the second pirate captain, over the body of her dead brother.

The explosions caught everyone by surprise. We were looking up, trying to find comfort in our strong, unwavering queen, but something was wrong. Prince Occasian stood far in front, standing up after seeing if the hero that saved our royals was still alive. He looked like he would save us all, yet someone stepped behind him. Everyone could see the shock on his face, everyone could see the wordless scream moments before he dropped. Our queen's screams and pleas for him to wake up sent everyone into chaos. No-one even noticed the pirates arriving, few saw the brief fight between captain Shian and the murderer. The signature move ending the killer's life caught brief attention of the flickering light of the fires, yet it was too late. No-one voiced it but everyone knew it, deep down. Our prince was gone. Our city was on fire. And our queen was crumbling with only pirates there to support her.
At that hour, the Revolution had won in our eyes. And we did not even know the full extend of the damage done. All we could do was try to outrun flames and violence.

This was the second major blow to the country of Chrysia. The loss of prince Occasian and one of Saphirse's legendaries: Mordecai. Yet they were not alone.… :bulletblack::bulletblack:

Although Diamondos was not aware of the fate that it's ruler met, it was forced to see another of it's leaders leave. Before the prince left for Perlaccia he ordered general Desiderio the Jirachi to travel for Rubi Valley in order to help the cavalry and police corps fight against the rebels. Of course he obeys his orders, traveling for the mining city with his army and leaving the pope to worry over the fate of his city if prince or general were to never return.

Unfortunately Rubi Valley was in much worse a state than expected. It's main leader, the Groudon Adell, had received a letter from his deceased sister, learning of her cruel fate. His response is reckless and violent, swearing to tear down the man that indirectly caused her demise he becomes a danger to his own people, inspiring fear on top of the already existing terror. Seeing the rampaging legendary as a threat general Desiderio asks him to stand down, yet is unable to calm the Groudon. Eventually unable to do anything but engage him in battle. A battle with a terrible conclusion.

-Insert journal of Adell's and Desiderio's fight- [To be put up later]

Worried by the stream of refugees from Perlaccia the Rayquaza, Tobias, isn't sure how to shelter so many people. Emerstadt is overrun with people trying to get to safety, and although there are a few minor incidents it does stay relatively safe. Still...He hears about Saphirse's riots, traveling for the ocean city to learn of his sister's demise and the letters she left in the hands of her butler. Further traveling for Rubi Valley to try and make sure his brother will not let his temper run rampant he is just in time to help the Groudon's wife in finally tempering the leader's wrath.…: [Letters of Kyvinne]

Of course the hometown and heart of the Revolution suffers greatly under the constant battles and confrontations in it's street, people caught between their own leader and the criminals aiming to take everything they can. Good men die protecting the city and country they love. It is in this turmoil that leader of the Revolution, Kale, too finds his end, signalling the beginning of the end of these dark events.… :bulletblack::bulletblack:

It still leaves Diamondos in a situation as worrying as Saphirse. Not only it's main leader, the prince, has died, but the Jirachi general has fallen as well. And in the aftermath of smoking cities and a struggle for order, it becomes known that Celibi Gavin Leatherwood has lost his life as well. By his own hand.

Thousands of lives are lost. Two main city leaders are gone. Six legendaries have found their end. Chrysia will need a lot of help if it wants to climb out of the hell this half-failed Revolution has thrown it into.
As pretty much most have seen Mega Evolution is a new thing in the Pokemon world through Pokemon X and Y, and as such it will be allowed in our group. However, since there are no 'trainers' in this group mega evolution should be a last resort, temporary evolution only for battle much like it is in-game.

So your character is allowed to look 'different' according to their mega-evolution (if they have one) as long as it's kept in mind as 'temporary' and a last resort in battle. I wanted to clear this up as I have been thinking of it myself. Also you're all allowed to have the new pokemon as characters in this group as they are part of the pokedex. Only the recent legendary pokemon should be left alone, unless you're a mod and are interested in one. Please ask me either through skype, note or on this journal.
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